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One Step to a Happy Marriage

I got a request today from a mom at my kid’s school.  She asked me if I would blog about what I learned during the couple’s workshop my husband and I attended.  She is hoping she can get a knowledge nugget to bring a little life back into her marriage. I am getting my Masters […]


As part of my spirit school final, we had to do a 5 minute presentation; including some of the principles that we had learned so far in class.  This is what I performed.  I hope you enjoy!   Hello God, Divine Being #337512728 here.  I heard you wanted to see me?  What?  It’s my time?  […]

bright light

i did a 10 minute piece the other day for my friend’s stage show.  this is what i said.  i hope you enjoy.  i’m so honored to be up here with you all tonight.  since i can’t come down and touch each one of you, in a moment could you please turn to the person […]

the note

i was excited to get my manicure / pedicure.  it had been a while since my last one and i looked forward to the foot massage and to listening to one of my required readings for school, dr. wayne dyer’s book wishes fulfilled. i got comfortable in my seat and requested a paper and pen […]

fyg & gyg

we all want to be heard and  we all want to be seen.  we all want to connect and we all want to feel love. if you will, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.  do it again.  do it 4 times very slow.  4 seconds in through your nose and 4 […]

flawed and fabulous

At the end of the year, a couple of years ago, I said to my husband, David, “I am proud of who I am becoming, who I am evolving into.  I feel like the hard work is really starting to paying off…but I have this dark secret.” He took in a slow breath, well aware […]

take one foot out of the quicksand

  i walked into my exercise class the other day and caught eyes with a fellow exerciser.  as i passed her i said, “how are you, hailey?”   she had a sad look on her face when she replied, “not great.”  i was late for class and still needed to use the restroom, so i squeezed […]


mother 1. dictionary definition:  noun a female parent. 2. one woman’s definition:  We make sacrifices, we love our kids. We do our best to raise our children to grown into good, moral adults.  We cook, clean, work, run a household, help with homework. Kiss a boo-boo. Read bedtime stories, take them to the dentist, doctor and […]

a work in progress

my mom was in bed most of my life.  not sure why, but i think it was because she is bipolar and was never diagnosed or treated.  she didn’t hold me, brush my hair, make me dinner, or attend my events, etc. growing up. my father’s parents both died without ever once telling him they […]

death letter

i went to new york with dave a few weeks ago.  i was so excited to be going away with just him.  like all marriages, we have  many stresses.  one of them is, we have different views on how to handle the kids.  we have 5 kids so there are constantly situations to disagree over.  […]