fyg & gyg

photo-74we all want to be heard and  we all want to be seen.  we all want to connect and we all want to feel love.

if you will, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.  do it again.  do it 4 times very slow.  4 seconds in through your nose and 4 seconds out through your mouth.  take a minute for yourself.  you deserve it.  calm your brain.  breathing through your nose taps into a part of the brain that releases a calming affect on the body.  breathing through your mouth taps into the flight or fight part of your brain that quickens your heart rate, causes anxiety and high blood pressure.

you are in control of your brain.  your brain is not in control of you.  i should rephrase that.  you can choose to be in control of your brain, or you can choose for your brain to be in control of you.  breathing stops your brain from spinning- spinning the negative repetitive thoughts that aren’t real, they don’t exist.  they are only thoughts in your head.  you are not a helpless victim to the thoughts that tell you things like…you are not good enough, you are not important enough, you are not skinny enough, you are not smart enough.  the thought that says, “who do you think you are to have it all?”

who are you not to have it all?  you are a child of god.  created in the likeness of god.  you are a bright beautiful light.  we accept and hold onto the labels that people gave us when we were children, the layers that, over the years, cover our greatness.  it’s time to peel back the layers, brush off the labels, and let our light shine.  our beautiful, strong beaming light that is inside of us all.

our body is our earthsuit that houses our true self- our soul, our spirit.   every person is so unique, that no one on this planet is exactly like you and never will be.  no one will ever have your exact fingerprint, your exact voice, your exact nose or face.  no one will ever think exactly like you do.  that is why there is room for everyone to be great.  everyone to be a beautiful writer, painter, speaker, mother, dancer, or doctor.  everyone has a unique perspective on life.

you are here.  you matter.

i believe one of the keys to a happy life is fyg & gyg; find your gift & give your gift.  i believe that finding your gift and using that gift to help others, is why we are on this planet.

there are 2 guys i want to tell you about.  one is wally amos.  he is amos of famous amos cookies.   he began baking for friends as thank yous because he was good at it.  he ended up getting so many orders , he had to quit his job to fulfill all of the orders.  and the cookie company was created.  

ben ortega, a famous artist in santa fe, was a farmer, who woodcarved on the side and donated his work to charity events.  people started ordering so many carvings, that he quit farming to meet the demands of the people.

both men simply shared their gifts, and their path opened up before them.

we have all been given gifts, and it is our responsibility to use them.   we are not supposed to be waiting quietly in line our whole life.  we are not supposed to be sitting in a cubicle of a job we don’t like everyday.

i want to help you find your gift.  here are the 7 steps to help you hone in on why you are on this planet.

7 steps to finding your gift:

1. look at your childhood. 

– what came easy to you?

– what did you do for fun?

– what were you known for or labeled: studious, kind, funny, smart, talkative, a great reader, fat, nerd, loner, a great dancer?

– what did you want to be when you grew up?

2. look at now. 

– what do you love?

– what brings you joy or makes your heart sing?

– what comes easy to you?

– what do you feel completely happy doing at work or on your free time?

-if you could do / be anything without worrying about what other people would think, what would it be?

3. enlist a mentor or friend.

– find a friend that is moving forward in life, someone that is committed to evolving, someone that you trust: to share with you what they see as your strengths and what you would be good at.  someone to guide you on this journey.  you don’t want to pick a best friend or a family member.  you want someone who can be objective and someone choosing happiness.  the last thing you want is to share your heart with an unhappy person.  they will slam you down so fast because you are threatening their stagnate place.

4. take action. 

-move forward.  everyday.  even if it’s a baby step.  if you move towards what you want, eventually you will get there.  no one can stop you from getting what you want, but you. everyone who is successful has taken a risk, stepped out of their comfort zone, and probably even failed.  but you must take action to get what you want.  everyone has great ideas.  the successful people move on those ideas.  they take action.

it’s as easy as saying it out loud in front of someone.  when you do, it is no longer just with you, it has been heard by the universe and another person.  you have already propelled it forward.

5. forget how.

-let go of any preconceived notions of how the end result will come about.  just know that being clear with what you want and moving towards it is enough.  our assistant said, “i want to be a successful stand up.  how will that come about?”  i said, that is not important.  what is important is that you do something every day to get there.  watch someones show on tv.  go to a club and watch a show, then meet the manager.  write a joke and try them out on your friend.  what ever it is, do something every day.”

6. invite god in.

i say this is the most important step in life.  invite god into everything you do.  make space in your brain for him.  when you are walking into an airport, going into a meeting, invite god in,  so you are open to seeing the miracles that come to us every day.  most of us miss them.  invite god in to guiding you while you are on this path for finding your gift.  so that doors may open and when they do, that you may have a clear signs and connections with others to move through the door.  tap into what we already have, the light inside us.  why would you ever walk alone again when we can walk with the greatest force alive.  reminds me of star wars: the force is with you.  it is!  use it.

7. embrace where you are. 

even if you are in a job you hate, if you can’t find a job, if you are bored out of your mind in your mundane life, embrace it.  hating what you are doing is so damaging to your spirit, to  your soul.  if you can’t bring joy into the current space, you must leave.  if you can tolerate your job, bring your joy to your job.  a little everyday.   if it’s impossible, do it when you get home or on your break.  feed your gift.  if you love to sew, sew when you get home at the end of the day.  paint the painting on a saturday afternoon when your kid is napping.  write, exercise, dance, read, share, shop, make jewelry, make a candle, plant a plant.  better yet, help a neighbor plant a plant.  whatever it is you love to do, do it, then share it.

whatever you give attention to will grow.  whatever you give attention to will grow.  understand this to your core.

i am broke….will grow.  i am fat…will grow.  i am tired…will grow.

i am special…will grow.  i am beautiful..will grow.  i am perfect just as i am…will grow.  i am doing what i love…will grow.  i have abundance…will grow.  i am happy…will grow.  i love my husband…will grow.

do what you love even if it’s just a little bit at first.  do what makes your heart smile.  give it attention.  if you do, it will grow and eventually you will be being paid for what you love.  your work will be your love, not a job you have to go to to pay the bills.

i love that about my husband and i.  he is acting and i am connecting with people.  we are doing what we love without figuring out how it will pay the bills, when it will get us the great vacation, when we will get the bigger house, when we will get a new car.  we are doing what we love and sharing our gifts and you can’t help but get rewarded for it.  spiritually , emotionally, and financially.

a little side note for moms:  being a mom is not why you are on this planet.  it is huge, beautiful, and important gift we have been given.  the role of being a mother, is to guide and love your child.  your job on this planet is to give your gift.

one of my favorite quotes:

nothing affects the environment of a child so much as the unlived life of a parent.” – carl jung

i hear mom’s say, “my children are my everything.”  that is an awful lot to put on a child.

take time for yourself. show your children how much you value yourself and how much you love yourself by taking care of you and fulfilling why you are on this planet.

you are a beautiful gift that we are all waiting to open, so we can share in the present of your life.

fyg and gyg.  find your gift and give your gift.  it’s not hard.  it’s why we are here.

say goodbye to feeling alone.  say goodbye to being bored.

say hello to your fullest life.  live abundantLeigh.  live absoluteLeigh

now…whose gift is a great neck massage?  i would like you to share that gift with me, now.

namaste.  the light in me, sees the light in you.  i see you.










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