the note

blank-piece-of-paperi was excited to get my manicure / pedicure.  it had been a while since my last one and i looked forward to the foot massage and to listening to one of my required readings for school, dr. wayne dyer’s book wishes fulfilled.

i got comfortable in my seat and requested a paper and pen incase i wanted to jot down thoughts that came to mind while listening to the book. i pushed the play button on my phone and closed my eyes to really focus on what was being said.  every once in a while one of the ladies would tap my leg and i would open my eyes to see what she needed me to do.  the first time i looked up and put my foot in the water, i had eye contact with a woman facing me in another chair.  we just locked eyes for a moment.  there was no courtesy smile when we locked eyes, just a quick look, then her head went right back down to her ipad.  i sensed sadness from her in that brief moment.  the next “accidental” eye lock, i sensed a very deep heaviness from her.  i closed my eyes and tried to focus back on dr. dyer’s words.

i got the final leg tap from the manicurist and i knew my appointment was over.  i paused my book,  got my things together, and since i had a few extra minutes, i decided to sit to allow time for my nails to dry.  when i was ready to go, i noticed that i had not taken one note on my piece of paper. 

then, a thought came clearly to my mind…“write that woman a note and leave it with her when you walk out.”

i almost rolled my eyes at the thought as my heart started to pick up pace.  no way i am leaving a note to that lady that has been giving me unwelcoming looks!  she had a lot going on and i’m not about to put myself in the middle of it.

“write her a note” came back into my mind.  

at this point in my life i am learning that nothing is out of the blue or random.

i did have a piece of paper that i hadn’t used… so, i picked up my pen and wrote,

“you are beautiful.  i hope you have a great day.”

i put the cap on the pen and placed it in my purse.  i looked at the lady and she was focused on her ipad.  my heart started pounding as i took a deep breath and stood up.  i felt like i was about to speak to a crowd.  i walked right up to her and set the note down on the flat part of the armrest where they lay your arm to do your nails.  i saw her begin reading the note and i fast walked out of the door.  i may have run to my car, i’m not sure.  i felt as if i was running out of denny’s after a dine-n-ditch.  i watched the door as i pulled out wondering if she was going to come out and ask why i did that.  she didn’t.  i just drove away.

as much as i wanted to flee, part of me wishes i could have found out what was going on with her or what her thoughts were about what happened.  but that was not how it was supposed to go.

i always say, if you think something nice about someone, tell him or her, especially a stranger.  but i have never said write a stranger a note when something heavy is going on with them, which they have not shared with you.

why had i requested that paper?  was it for what my reasoning brain says it was for- because i might want to take notes?  or was it something more than my human brain was aware of and i really got that piece paper because she needed a note?

i’m not sure i need to know the answer at this point, but i’m glad i listened to the voice in my head, even though it felt uncanny.







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