Pop the champagne, wear the pearls, and burn the beautiful candle. Today is the special occasion.

When a strange request is made of you or an unusual opportunity knocks, take it.

Ask for what you want. Most of the time, you will get it.

Take a shower, put on lipstick, and get dressed to go to the grocer.

Try something new every day. If that feels too big, do it once a week.

Want More.

Press Start! You donít have to buy the book, lose the weight, or get the man. You already have everything you need right now to make it happen.

Step out of line now and again.

Pick the booth you want to sit in at the restaurant and donít be afraid to send the meat back. Have the experience you want. You deserve it.

Get everything you want. You wonít get another chance (in this earthsuit anyway).

Make yourself uncomfortable every day.

Dance. No matter how you do it, just dance.

Most people have great ideas, the few that act on it, succeed.

Find the adventure in every day.

Try everything once...except acid. That's scary.

Learn to paint, speak Spanish, or cook (and when you do, teach me).

See a new way. The possibilities are endless.

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