If you are thinking something nice about someone, tell them...especially a stranger.

Everyone has a T-shirt that says, "I need to feel important." Although, some peoples' letters are bigger than others.

Tip your mailman $20 at Christmas.

Kindness will change the world.

Forgive. It feels good and will prolong your life.

When a person is acting ugly they are hurting, kill them with kindness.

Make someone laugh today...or at least turn their frown upside down.

We are all the connected, are all God's children, and have hearts that need love.

When a person dies, talk to their loved ones about them. They miss them and the silence sucks.

Promiscuous women don't love sex. They want to be loved.

Change the world one smile at a time.

Love those that are struggling. The loveable are easy.

Understand why others are where they are without judgment.

If someone chooses not to have kids, doesn't like dogs, or wants to stay single...celebrate them. Thank God we are all different!



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