You are the author of your life story. What will you write today?

Incorporate your little joys into everyday life.

Say goodbye to mundane moments. Practice Spanish in line at the Post Office or sing with the person humming next to you at the deli counter.

Come just as you are and say "YES!" to life.

Do the work. It is worth it.

Be nice to policemen. They will come to your home and protect you...even if there is a bad guy waiting.

Only pay attention to the good fortune cookies.

Talk about it. Whatever it is. Talk about it.

Do you really think homosexuals would choose to be ostracized? They were born gay.

Laugh a lot. If you're having trouble...fake laugh until you really laugh.

Celebrate the struggle. It will make you strong.

Stand at your brain and police what you let in.

Reject toxicity. Accept love.



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